Friday, December 12, 2008

Toon update

So it's been a little bit since I updated the status of my toons.

Rysteranch is now 73 and pluggin' away in Dragonblight. Still haven't seen much in the way of gear upgrades.

Dwarfvader is almost 73 (two bubbles left), finished up all of Borean, and pugged The Nexus last night (from which he got some nice boots). He's almost out of Addy Stingers, so he's in Nagrand, mining.

Daxie is 72, currently leveling with Teurion in Borean, and pugged Utgarde Keep yesterday as well.

Smoochie, Daxe, and Nitrodax are unchanged at levels 71, 70, and 65. Nitrodax is at least getting a number of Coldland items to DE and has gained an Enchanting skill point or two.

All in all, my plan is working out pretty good. I'm only playing on rested XP, and I'm able to level my toons concurrently as well as keep up with their professions. As soon as Nitro fills out this level with rest XP, I'll probably bump her up to 66 and keep with making her a priority to catch up to the others.

I've decided Nitro will be doing both starting areas due to A) Arriving in Coldlands at level 68, and B) Getting quest rewards for Enchanting mats. I still will only play her when she has rest XP.

So, the plan is continue to teaming up Daxie with Teurion, eventually team up Daxe with VA, and playing my hunters when Teurion isn't on. I'll probably get DV to 73 and then switch to Smoochie in order to finish up Borean with her.


Deathrender said...

You really won't see true upgrades till about 75-77. Once you hit Sholazar Basin, you're going to be on Cloud 9 as a Hunter. PLENTY of mobs to skin as tons of Saronite and Titanium nodes for miners.

Hemet's Trophy Gun is a quality weapon but if you have the Engineering, gather up the mats for the epic Nesingwary 4000. It take 10 Titanium Bars (20 ore), 12 Eternal Fires (Ugh..), 12 Eternal Shadow (not bad since you get plenty mining Saronite nodes), 3x Sun Scopes (Better off buying unless you really want to make them..) 1x Frozen Orb, and a Walnut Stock.

Get to Honored with Wyrmrest Accord and net yourself 2x Fang of Truth! Quality weapon!

Daxenos said...

Sounds good!

Rysteranch has been doing a little leatherworking grinding over in Howling Fjord - the Shoveltusks are grouped sooooo nicely.

And DV is hittin' every Cobalt node and Crystalized air pocket he runs across.

So, craftin' be goooooood.

Jason said...

Hmm..Rhinos over in Borean Tundra just south of Amber Ledge would probably be better.. There are 5-6 to a herd and the respawn time is stupid fast. I ran a guildie there and she farmed 137 leather and 10 Arctic Furs in less than an hour. That is HUGE bank over on Suramar. Just have to watch for the 72-73 Elite there.."Ned, The Rhino Lord" or some such nonsense. Perfect spot for Gorilladin/Volley farming.