Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Secrets....I haz them

I was inspired by BRK, encouraged by Og, and generally tired of talking with/helping guildies and friends. So, I made an alt that almost no people know about. I say almost, because I did whisper a friend to mess with her and let her in on the secret.

So, Secret is going to be unnamed in this blog, unsupported by the rest of my team, and a new source of relaxing without the demands of guild life. There are times when all I want to do is just collect money, kill stuff, and learn my toon.

I don't want to answer "where is" questions.

I don't want to help guildie X do what ever.

I just want to be left alone at times. But how do you do that when you're a GM and have 3 70's that CAN help? My solution is to hide; yes, it's a chicken poop solution.

The problem with telling guildies that you don't wish to be bothered is that they still whisper you questions. Maybe I'm just tired of being GM; lol, not that I do much as a GM! I do feel obligated to answer questions and help out if I'm able to.

So, I hide. Anyways, I'll be chronicling Secret's adventures and progress in the future. I took both BRK and Og's advice to take two gathering skills - mining and skinning. Secret collected enough gold for 4 six slot bags and all her spells for her level. Woot!

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Ess said...

> My solution is to hide; yes, it's a chicken poop solution.

Hehe... chicken poop for the soul? It's good for ya. ;)

I adore my guild and they really don't ask for much from me, but I like a break from them sometimes, too. I've found having an unguilded alt to be very liberating, and hope you find the same! I look forward to hearing about your Secret adventures.