Monday, January 14, 2008

Put the Shade down!

Last Friday, DA finally ended Aran's nightmare. We took a couple of tries to do it, and it sure isn't an easy fight! It seems like the hardest part is making it through the Water Elementals; once we did that, and everyone was still alive, it was just a matter of burning him down.

We started the wipefest on Prince on Friday and continued it Saturday. It's both comforting and aggravating that the fight depends on luck. We tried the "safe spots" that are on WowWiki's guide, but they didn't seem to be any better than the spots we were using.

Now, that said, the main reason we didn't kill him is because the tank died. No, he didn't lose aggro, he died. And that, my friends, is my fault (and the other healers). The second phase is undoubtedly the hardest where the tank is getting hit at times for 12K damage. I was put on spamming Flash Heal, while the other priest was spamming Greater Heal and the pally was spamming his quick heal. The devil of the fight is that near the beginning, Prince doesn't seem to hit real hard, so it's tempting to wait on the next heal. That ended up spelling death for the tank. Of course, moving to avoid infernals was interrupting our heals, and we didn't coordinate our moves so as to keep the tank alive.

We took Sunday night off, and I think we have tonight off as a Gruul's attempt is in the works with a guild alliance. I begged off on this due to its 9:30 pm start time, which means things don't get rolling until 10 or later.

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