Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thrall escapes....twice!

Last night, DA got a group together for Old Hillsbrad Foothills. I said that I could bring Heals or DPS.

So, first group included our Kara pally healer, group 2 tank, 70 warlock, 67 shammy, and Rysteranch. We didn't have any problems at all.

I chain trapped.
I provided MQoSRDPS.
Me + PuddyTat topped the damage meter.
We won the roll for the Scaled Greaves of Patience (happy dance).
We freed Thrall and all was right in the world.

Second group. Same tank, shammy, and 'lock, but now we have Daxie on Heals and a 69 fire mage. Since only Daxie needed the quest completed, and she'd already did the distraction part the other day, we figured we could just head to Thrall, turn in the quest and start the event. Wrong!

After I turned in the quest, Thrall refused to go anywhere, so we had to run through and complete the distraction/first boss encounter in order for me to get him moving. Doesn't seem too motivated, does he!

We work our way to the final encounter (2nd boss dropped the greaves again, so shammy was pretty happy), get buffed up, and start the event.

This boss has three waves of three dragons that the group has to down before pounding on the boss. First group went down fairly fast, but I drew aggro from the second. No problem, fade, and the tank gets aggro. Unfortunately, I was right by the inn when the second group died, which placed me right in the middle of the third group. In the middle of the fight, I died. Then the shammy died. The shammy self rezzed, but didn't have enough mana to rez me.


CRAP!!! When is Daxie going to be able to get this stinkin' thing done!!!!!

"Hey, we have three tries, so don't sweat it" soothed one of my guildies. We all release and run back. Buff. Mana up. And start the event.

This time, I stood on the church steps so that I wouldn't be in a group of mobs. And we kicked some serious tail! After the boss was dead, nearly everyone was at full health, and I had plenty of mana due to my potting early and using my shadow fiend mid-fight.

So, Rysteranch and Daxie need BM now. I think that's tonight!

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