Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BM again and again

Last night, I got the call to run Durn from a guildie. Now, there's still some stuff in there that Daxie can use, so I agree. We had a full group, sans tank. Hmmm. Turion needs Durn, but he's Ret Spec'd. I ask him anyways, and he agrees to tank for us.

For the most part, Turion did a good job of holding aggro. His lack of stamina and armor was telling as I had to pretty much chain Greater Heal if he was tanking 2 or 3 mobs. And, of course, Daxie has around 1100 +healing, so she's not so uber herself!

We did just fine all the way until the last boss. We wiped twice, both of them due to my messing around with different healing strategies. I started spamming Greater Heals, but then tried to sneak in a Renew + Frisbee before the next Greater Heal. Bad mistake. I was almost through with the GH when Turion died. That happened both times. By this time, the stoned Rogue had to bail, and we start looking for another DPS or another tank.

I told the group that I'd bring in Daxenos and then grabbed Neya, the uber shammy to help. We really had no problems after that. Neya and Turion shared tanking duties, not by Dax kept both of them healed easily, and the boss went down.

Later on, after dinner, DA got a group together for Black Morass to get both Rysteranch and Daxie their Kara keys.

Rysteranch's group was the uber Kara pally healer, uber Kara MT, uber guild friend fury warrior, and the PvP specialist lvl 69 fire mage. Rysteranch got put on adds and did a fair job. PuddyTat got to keep Growl on and was in Defensive stance verses Passive. The single adds were the easiest; the group of three mobs were more difficult. I needed some help from the mage to catch up at times, but the shield was still at 100% when the last boss arrived. He got some leather shoulders that were better than what he had (except for the armor).

Daxie's group included the same healer, MT, OT, and the uber Kara hunter w/ Sharptooth! We were a bit leery of having two healers and a lack of DPS. But, all in all, we did just fine. The OT got put on the adds and did a great job. I got put on OT heals and whatever DPS I could muster. We fell behind a bit at the end, and the last boss got to work on the shield for a bit before we could get to him. But, he went down pretty easily. Daxie got a nice +int/+spi/+MP5 ring and a nice off hand.

Both of these instances are challenging for appropriate leveled toons, but I'd really like to run them a couple of more times just for a shot at the gear that I can get. Luckily for me, the folks over at The Iron Ring are starting to get up there, and I know I have some DA folks that'll be wanting to go. Same goes for Shadow Labs. I hate that instance, but I needs da rep!

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