Thursday, January 24, 2008

Secret lives and dies

Secret died for the first time last night. Hogger claimed another victim! At level 13, I figured I'd be able to give him a run for his money, but unfortunately, he brought a friend with him. I did make some mistakes in handling the fight, so that Hogger was at 15% when I died.

The next attempt, I was able to pull him solo and was doing quite nicely with the fight, when he went down real fast. Too fast. It was then that I noticed a pally and a warrior standing over his body. Doh! I had help. Ok, no problem, but I will start looking at ways I might be able to solo elites my own level or possibly solo some instances with some creative thinking.

So, with Hogger down, I have only a couple of quests in Dun Morogh before I'm done with the two Eastern Kingdoms starting areas. Of course, I totally forgot about the Draenai starting area, so now I have to decide if I want to do both the NE starting area AND that one.

The positives include:
1. Rep gains for fun and discounts!
2. Cash, sure, not a lot, but it's some.
3. Easy mode. At level 14 there isn't much to challenge me in a level 1-10 zone, so the kills will be easy and the quests will be fairly quick.
4. Leveling skinning and mining to ensure I don't see that first tin vein/skinnable mob when I'm one skill point short!
5. Leveling cooking/first aid with relative ease.

The negatives include:
1. Little to no leveling. This could seriously impact my enjoyment if I don't constantly remind myself that I'm supposed to be relaxing/exploring/enjoying the game.
2. Possible boredom. I've done the Night Elf quests a couple of times; that, coupled with not being challenged in the fights might turn this into a grind instead of an adventure.

The big thing that keeps on coming back to me is that I've focused so much on leveling that I tend to forget the other parts of the game. In order to keep Secret fresh and exciting to play, I really have to get rid of the leveling mindset. It's time to take my time with a toon; the end game will be there for Secret when I get around to it.

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