Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Secret goals

LOL!! After saying I have no goals for Secret, I now go and make some up! 8~P

1. Get bigger bags. With 3 gold, I should be able to get at least all 8 slotters, and maybe 10 slotters. These 6 slotters fill up way too quick.

2. Do all the quests in all three starting areas. With the flight point already established to Menethil, there's no reason I can't hop on over to Darnasty and do all the quests on Teldrassil. The only draw back is that I would get very little xp from it. But, WHO CARES!! LOL!

3. Continue to have fun. This one is important as I tend (read: always) to go overboard in leveling, whether it be character or professions. Of course, if doing the low level quests starts to feel like a grind, then that means I'll stop.

4. Continue to be self sufficient. This would have been much easier if I had just rolled on another server, oh well. With 3 gold seed money from the charter signing, I should be fine. That, and having two gathering professions means I won't be wasting cash on new recipes for a crafting profession.

5. Hit up the AH to buy some new clothes. I've been using drops and quest rewards with just one AH purchase to increase my DPS. We'll just have to see what's available.

That's it for now. Go Secret!!

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