Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Secret continued

Secret had some great adventures yesterday. I started a toon in the Eastern Kingdoms because I'd have easy access to both the Dwarf/Gnome and the Human starting areas.

So, I was running around Dun Morogh mining some cash when I saw a mountain, on the edge of the map that looked climbable. Sure enough, a moment later, I'm on top of the mountain range that surrounds Dun Morogh! In fact, I got the "You have discovered The Great Sea" message. Whoa.

Now I get to thinking. One of the things I've hated about playing the Alliance is running from Loch Modan to Menethil Harbor. Even at level 20, staying on the road, and avoiding all the mobs in sight doesn't ensure you won't be corpse hopping to get the flight point. I have the chance to jump down, die once, rez at the Spirit chick and grab the flight path. Now that's too much to resist. So I did.

And it worked out just as I planned. Thankfully, someone was slaughtering Murlocs near the Spirit Healer, so I didn't aggro anything when I rezzed. I then cheerfully made my way to level 9! I thought that was pretty cool.

Of course, I could have continued on to the Elven lands, but I was wanting to start on the beginning area of the other faction to grind rep and a bit of xp. So, I flew back to IF.

While in the city, I noticed in Trade chat that someone was offering 3 Gold for signing a guild charter. Now, I had been working my way toward my first gold and making good progress, but I definitely had to take advantage of this opportunity! I made my way to SW, signed the charter, got my gold, and got kicked from the guild. I guess the guy was setting up the guild for his personal alt bank. Great! I didn't want to stay and was just doing it for the cash anyways!

So far, Secret has provided me with the "me time" that I've sorely missed as of late. After the rocket leveling that I imposed on myself for Daxie, it's nice to just relax and look at the scenery. I have absolutely no goals for Secret other than to be self sufficient and learn how to play my character. There's no Aldork/Scrybaby rep to grind (yet), no gearing/keying for Kara, no farming Primals, just hangin' out killing stuff, skinning stuff, and mining stuff. It's almost like a vacation.

Other than the absence of guildies asking me questions, another benefit of playing Secret is a relief from the pressure of getting my guildies keyed. Sure, I'd like to see them get keyed for Kara (as well as Daxie), but I don't know that, right now, I want to go through the pain that is Shadow Labs, Durnhold, Steam Vaults, Arcatraz, and Black Morass. SV isn't that bad if it's only a key run, but SL is just a pain, especially with a group that's geared in quest greens/blues. Maybe I can get some DA folks together to clear it with Dax, and then invite all the alts for the key frag. We'll see.

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