Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dark, smooth, and chewy

Of all the things I did over last weekend, I forgot one of the major items.

Rusty Brew Works is back in business!

I put together a batch of my Jack Booted Porter (It'll kick you in the head), and I can't wait until it's finished fermenting and bottled! Hopefully it will be fermented down by Saturday, and I can bottle it then. It's supposed to sit in the bottles for 10 days before it's ready to drink, but I may pop one open on Feb 2nd, just for quality control...yeah, that's it. Quality Control.

Now this batch is slightly different from my previous batches in that the brand of malt extracts that I was using wasn't available. I grabbed a "Sparkling Amber" version of the new malt, and the store owner suggested adding 1/4 lb of Carapils to compensate for body. All I know is that it smelled delicious when I was brewing it!

And, the Ale Pail is bubbling away, so I didn't screw up the yeast pitching!

I can't wait.....

I can't wait.....

The waiting is the hardest part.....

AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!! I wants me some Jack Booted Porter!!!!

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