Friday, January 11, 2008

Skip Aran....FTW!

Last night, DA took down Curator, skipped Aran, and cleared to Chess. I think it was Mage night, 'cuz that's who's stuff dropped. Gratz on them!

We didn't have any wipes, but we did have some "Oh Crap!!" moments. At the back door, we were buffing just inside the double doors when someone aggroed a mob. One of the tanks picked it up, but the healers weren't on the ball. He died. Someone else died, I can't remember if I died or not. Of course, 10 mins before that, three of us ran into the instance, aggroed a mob, and tried to run out. I died that time....

We had deaths throughout the night, but no wipes. The "blow up" dudes in the circular room blew up at the exact same time and killed me and the other priest. Thankfully, the pally healer survived and was able to rez us.

Kind of a ho-hum night. Not too exciting, no priest drops, and a 7 gold repair bill. /yawn.

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