Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend wrap up

And what a weekend it was! The Jack Booted Porter was quality tested and, BLAM!!!! ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO DA HEAD!!! It ROCKED!!!!

I really need to do a better job of managing my WoW time. I drew some serious aggro Friday night when I agreed to heal Shadow Labs while we had company. The guy said, "Sure, go ahead, I'll watch." After the first boss, though, my wife was insistent on playing a game. Ooooo, bad form leaving in the middle of the instance. /shame.

And, did I learn from that? No. I agreed to heal SL again on Sunday, but didn't look to see what time it was. After taking a short break to make some marinate for dinner, I began to realize that I wouldn't even have time to finish the 2nd boss. /facepalm. /much groveling and apologizing for bailing.

And Saturday, I wasn't meaning to, but I ended up playing the entire day. The. Whole. Day. That didn't help much on the aggrometer.

On the plus side, Dax went to his first Heroic instance. He ran heroic Mech twice over the weekend. And, he went to Gruul's for the first time ever. DA and The Bar teamed up on Saturday night to take down the High King and Gruul! DA got the T4 shoulder and leggings tokens for warrior/druid/priest.

The shoulders dropped first and after some discussion by the officers, all eligible were told to roll. And. I. Won.

The tank's immediate reaction was an explitive and seemed very upset. So, before I got the token, I said to give it to him. I looked at my PMC shoulders and didn't want to break the set. Afterwards, I knew I did the right thing, because we need to follow the "Gear the tank first" philosophy.

A druid won the leggings, and after some hemming and hawing, gave it up to the MT as well. Needless to say, our MT was very happy and went out right away to socket and enchant his new toys. Gratz on him!!

Later that night, a guildie was a PuG for a Serpentshrine Caverns group and put the call out for an additional DPS or healer for Tidewalker. I immediately replied for heals and waited around for an hour or so while they cleared trash.

When I finally got in, I was put on "Watery Graves" detail and was told to heal anyone that ended up in one of my two assigned watery graves. At first I tried to use Healbot for this, but later on found it was easier to position myself where I could see both graves, as well as the MT. I would then click on the person in the watery grave and cast Greater Heal. I frisbee'd the MT and tried to keep an Renew on him as well (the third try, anyways). We ended up wiping a lot and never did down him.

BUT, Dax hit the big time!!! So, when we finally get there, I'll have a bit of experience with this particular fight.

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