Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend WoW

I got my usual amount of WoW in over the weekend. Well, maybe a bit less as I was at a wedding on Friday.

Anyways, the big thing was working on my empire on Andorhal, which includes my wannabe twink rogue, Daxynn.

Jay decided to level without me (the punk!), so I took some time to level Leatherworking on my hunter to make the Deviate Scale Belt as well as some other useful items.

On one of my DK's trips through WC to collect Perfect Deviate and Deviate Scales, I had a Deviate Hatchling non-combat pet drop. Yay! I ended up selling it for 700 gold, woot!

I also did a great deal of working on my fishing on Daxynn to prepare for the big Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza on Sunday. By the time the event rolled around at 2 pm, my fishing was at 227.

So, picture it, two little rogues, levels 14 and 17, out in the wilds of Ganklethorn just askin' for a beatin'. Except....we had a awesome protector!!! Robin stuck with us on her level 80 Orc Hunter of PUREWIN!! She did some great pwnage on the PvE side and the PvP side! I know we wouldn't have lasted very long without her, so I just want to thank her again for being awesome!

Gratz on Jay for fishing up the rare fish that we both were looking for - something Angelfish, which could be turned in for the twink hat. I caught some sort of queenfish that I turned in for some high test fishing line. Yeah, I suppose it was useful, but I'd rather have the stinkin' hat. So, next week, you know where I'll be....

Later on, I decided to join up a WSG to see how I could do at 15. I did ok, but I was pretty squishy and missed a lot. I did get "The Grim Reaper" and "Make Love, Not Warcraft" achieves on that first one.

Jay joined me for the next one and after a pretty long battle, we got the win. I passed 100 kills after just two WSG and the fishing contest. I'm looking forward to being more competitive after getting a couple of more levels, but I do believe I'll be trying to get at least one win a day to take advantage of the daily BG quest.

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