Monday, October 26, 2009

Still Learning How to go Rogue

I'm going to respec today; no, I'm not going to abandon the Subtlety spec, but I am going to pick up the Improved Sinister Strike before going down the Subtlety tree.

My combat style, as opposed to play style, is slowly but surely evolving into something akin to what most Rogues do - Jump around and spam Sinister Strike. I've got both parts down, now I could really use some Energy savings on the Sinister Strike.

Daxynn is level 23 now, and I'm pretty confident in taking on players three or four levels above me. I will take on anyone in the bracket, but if I get someone solo within 3 levels, I have a good shot at taking them down (unless they catch me at range, then I'm just toast).

Now, I'm not ashamed or timid about using my full powers as a Rogue. I mean, there's a reason Rogues get Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, Vanish, Dirty Tricks, etc, WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE SNEAKY SCUMBAGS! Just when you think you have us dead, we Vanish, Sprint, Bandage around the corner, Stealth, and Ambush you! Yep, it's cheap....and not fair.....and whaa whaa whaaa!

An example: I was Stealthed in the tunnel of the Alliance base when a level 26 Warrior ran past. I Sapped him. Then when I saw that he didn't have any back up, I inititated combat.

Ambush hit like a truck, and I quickly got into my jumping/SS rotation. I'd use up the combo points with Eviserate and go back to SS. He got some good swings in on me and after a bit, he was starting to win. That's when I Vanished and Sprinted down the tunnel toward the entrance.

After getting just outside, I ran to the side, Bandaged and Stealthed. His mistake was trying to find me instead of Bandaging. I Sapped him again as he searched around the tunnel entrance and finished him off with another Ambush and a couple of SS.

On Friday, I was talking with Jay and came up with this phrase (I might just have to have it gold plated somewhere on this site):

Ah, the life of a Rogue - making people spittle scream at their keyboards 1000 miles away.

And that little sentence defines what I think is my role in the Battleground, whether it's Sapping them Midfield, snatching the flag in a room full of defenders, Ambushing them (and eventually Stunlocking them), or Vanishing just when they think they have me. It is my full intention to use every single dirty, unfair trick in my arsenal.

It's no wonder people get a perverse pleasure out of killing a Rogue....

On another note, I have my Horde Insignia trinket and most of the WSG gear. I need about 100 more Honor to get the level 18 dagger, and then I'll start saving up for the level 28 gear. I've also started playing Arathi Basin so I can start saving up AB marks.

It dawned on me that the PvP game is designed for the single player. You mostly PuG Battlegrounds, your gear progression is not dependent on others (it's faster if you win a lot, but it still progresses if you only lose games), and everyone in the bracket can contribute (toward the battle) regardless of level or gear deficiencies.

It's funny that way back when I was first starting out, I gravitated toward the PvP side of things for the availablility of good gear without the pain of putting together a dungeon group. Cue music....IT'S THE CIRRRRRRRRRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE.....

I feel a new gear list brewing: Rogue PvP Battleground rewards, except this one will be tailored to equipment slot at any level verses at level cap. For example, I know I can get my PvP bracers, weapon, ring, and neck from Warsong Gulch and boots from Arathi Basin.

Anyways, while I know I have a lot of learning and practicing to go, it sure is a lot of fun!

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Jason said...

Found this website last night. Good stuff. Have fun!