Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And back to work...

I got back to work on Monday, but I haven't had time to post until now.'s it goin'....?

I've been up to some different stuff as of late, and I'm not sure if I'm going to make different posts or just regurgitate it up all in this post. I suppose we'll just have to see together!

Here are the topics that I'm thinking of writing about:

1. Personal finances are getting put in order!
2. I haz a mage.
3. Starting fresh on a new server.
4. Reflections on the Thomas Sowell book Basic Economics.

If you have a preference, let me know in the comments.

In other news, my wife and I went to a formal dinner and ball last Saturday that was put on by our dance studio. I was really happy to see that we could dance pretty good in the aftermath of my wife's vertigo issue. Of course, we had to keep the spins and turns to a minimum, but still, we did a decent job of cutting the proverbial rug. Now we have to check into getting back on a lesson schedule.

....and it looks like I'll be making separate posts - yay!

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