Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The New Server Experience

I decided to roll a toon on a new (to me) server. The main reason I picked Executus (spelling?) was that one of my son's friends from Alaska rolled on the server, and he and I have gotten to know each other pretty well over the last year and a half that he's been playing over on Kael'thas.

But the secondary reason I was interested in rolling on this PvP server was the opportunity to replay WoW from level one with all the knowledge I've accumulated over the past (almost) three years and no support from my higher level toons. Well...from more established toons. I mean....level 80's.

First off, let me say that I don't just make toons on a new server; I create empires. So, when I decided to roll a mage, I had only played it to level 7 or so before I rolled my first alt - a DK.

A quick aside: The availability of DKs on any server has forever changed the way I go about building my army of characters on any server. Once I'm out of the DK starting area, even if I never level the toon, it serves as a workhorse in gathering linen, greens, and other starting craft materials. I'm not sure how many times I've run RFC on my new serverwith my DK...

Let me also say that it wasn't my goal to be as efficient as possible with selecting my professions, but I did want to be efficient in leveling my professions. So, while picking up Tailoring/Enchanting for my little mage wasn't the most cost effective move, having a DK to collect up cloth and greens to get started was.

Now once I got rolling on putting together professions, I added Mining/Jewelcrafting for my DK. I almost went with Skinning instead of JC, and looking back, I really wish I had done that in order to collect up a good amount of material for my rogue, who is a Skinner/Leatherworker.

Speaking of rogues, my third alt was a rogue. By this time, I was wanting to start playing some of the classes that I hadn't really played before (pretty much anything other than a hunter, priest, or DK). I'm seeing this aspect of WoW for pretty much the first time, which helps with the feeling of replaying WoW afresh.

After a couple of days of toon hopping, I decided to make a bank alt and consolidate my AH and storage. I haven't made a guild bank yet because I just haven't made a whole lot of money, but it's on the todo list.

One of my biggest struggles has been the cash crunch; this is not a bad thing as it adds to the challenge! Since I didn't have any well developed professions to make money with, I resorted to running RFC for money as well. I would send the useless greens to my mage and AH the more sought after greens (mail "of the bear", leather "of the monkey", etc).

Once I got a little scratch built up (and I wanted to boost my Leatherworking), I invested about 9 gold in buying Light Hide and Light Leather to make Fine Leather Tunics, which I've been selling for around 2.75 gold each. So far, I haven't been challenged in this niche, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to continue filling the need for a while. I've already made back the money I invested, so the rest is pure profit.

Another struggle that I've had is my teeny tiny bag space; OH what I would give for some free (to me) Netherweave bags! Uh, wait a minute...if I give something for them, then I suppose they aren't free....ANYWAYS, right now, the aforementioned bags are going for around 10-13 gold, which is just too rich for my blood right now. And the mats aren't too much cheaper, so getting a tailor to make them for me (+ tip) isn't really a good option.

Please don't mistake this all for whining and complaining; on the contrary, I am really enjoying seeing my empire grow bit by bit. I was ecstatic when I could finally make Woolen bags. I was very happy when both my Tailoring and my Leatherworking had caught up to my respective toons' levels. I'm looking forward to starting another alt!

Now....the next time I start on a new server, I'll probably do two things a little different.

For one, I'd pick up gathering skills on my DK in order to boost my little toons' along. I might even switch professions once or twice in order to gather up more mats; it's pretty cheap to get a new gathering profession.

Secondly, I'd make a bank alt first to better establish my empire with a central banking/Auction House character so I won't waste time running back and forth to the city on my new babies.

I'll try to post more on my experience, if I run into anything useful, that is. Or I may just post updates on my progress in recreating my empire on this new (to me) server. Either way, I'm still having fun and still gettin' my money's worth out of my $15 a month.

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