Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pee Vee Pee

I figured if I'm going to have a twink rogue, then I'd better get started on the PvP early so I know how to play my toon as well as find out how I like to play my toon, and (hopefully) the two are compatible.

I respec'd to a Subtlety build that focuses on being less detectable, increasing my stealth speed, and reducing my cooldown on Stealth. Basically, I'm thinking that I'll be spending a lot of time in Stealth and want to maximize my abilities toward that end.

So, I played a couple of games of WSG with Jay and tested out how my build works and what it works best for. See, I figure there's a couple of niche jobs in WSG that a rogue can fulfil:

Damage Dealer: This is what Jay is doing. Of course, he has a number of Heirloom items with enchants, so he's ahead of the twink curve, but he also plays in a fashion that is more about engaging in combat rather than sneaking around it. Go Go Midfield!

Defender: Yeah, the boring job. I haven't done this too much, but I figure Sap, Gouge, and other disrupting techniques as well as burning down the Flag Carrier would take precedence.

Flag Retriever: This is what I've been focusing on. I like sneaking into the Alliance base and trying to get the flag back. So far, I've had some limited success, but I like this niche.

Flag Carrier: This is fun also. I think I've capped the flag twice so far. I find that there are times when I can sneak into the opposing flagroom and wait for the flag to be returned (either after our cap or the FC gets killed), then it's grab and Sprint! Of course, if the base is full of enemies, I usually wait for back up, but occasionally, I'll go for broke and grab it anyways.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to bind some keys on my N52. I'm not sure which spells I'll bind, but I'm thinking Kick, Gouge, and Arcane Torrent - yeah, all my interrupts. I might even see if there is a Rogue interface that makes some of this stuff easier.

I'm pretty much saving all my honor for the Insignia trinket; after that, I'll start worrying about honor gear rewards. A get out of jail free card every five minutes would be a welcome relief to some of the situations I find myself in.

I'm at level 17; only two more levels until I turn off XP. Thankfully, when we start grinding out some Instances for gear, I won't have to watch my XP bar. I saw a guy, that looked like a twink, ding 20 in WSG yesterday; I'm not sure if he meant to or not; I just don't want to be that guy.

Robin started a rogue; soon we'll have three of us running around smokin' the Alliance. FOR THE HORDE!!

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