Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I haz a rogue

So, I went ahead and made a rogue on my new server (more on the new server bit later).

Now if I thought that I had to be careful in the number of mobs I pulled with a mage, it's even more important with a rogue! At least with a mage, I can kite mobs with frostbolt; with the rogue, I'm using a lot more health pots, gouge + bandage, and just plain running away.

So far, I used a mix of stealth attacks and ranged pulling for single mobs, depending on pats and the proximity of nearby mobs. For multi-mob humanoid pulls, I sap one and then deal with the other as best I can. I have yet to try a three+ mob pull, but I would be hard pressed to be successful.

Survivability is an issue for me. Evasion, Sprint, and Gouge all help, but it still ends up I'm tanking in leather while having a so-so health pool. And don't get me started on casters...grrrr. Suffice to say, I can't wait until I can stun-lock.

And what kind of rogue would I be if I didn't do some PvP? Well, I did some firsts in my WoW playing - I picked up the Battleground daily (Warsong Gulch) and actually entered WSG as a rogue. My very first (and only) game of the night turned out to be pretty well with my getting "An Honorable Kill," "Warsong Perfection," and "{I forgot the name of Warsong Victory achieve...maybe Warsong Victory?}." Anyways, it was pretty fun sneaking around and Backstabbing the Alliance.

I picked up Skinning/Leatherworking for my rogue....what a pain. It took some grinding and some Auction House buys to get my Leatherworking skill up to where I could make level appropriate stuff. Fortunately, there was a good buy on Light Hide and Light Leather, combined with a void in the market for Fine Leather Tunics, so I expect to make my money back on what I bought.

Overall, I like the rogue. It's definitely a change from the mage, and the stealth aspect presents its own set of options. I'm not sure which spec I'm going to go with (for now, I've picked talent points that I figure all rogues would want - more crits!), but I am leaning toward Subtlety. Suppose I should look up some specs to see what each tree is geared towards....

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