Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I got the green light to use a bit of the entertainment budget to transfer Daxie from Kael'thas to Andorhal, from Alliance to Horde.

I looked over all of my Kael'thas toons and have come up with a plan to get four Bind on Account items over to my little rogue - the chest, PvP shoulders, and two PvE daggers.

I've also amassed 5K gold on Daxie, and I'm stock piling Netherweave Bolts on her. See, Netherweave bags sell for around 15-20 gold on Andorhal (6-10 gold on Kael'thas), and one bag takes one slot, but if I make bolts and hold off on making the bag, I can stack 20 bolts in one slot, which equals 5 bags. My aim is to fill every empty bag slot that she has.

So, assuming plenty of Netherweave Cloth, each of my bag slots is worth around 75-100 gold. If I'm keeping junk, I really need to re-evaluate if it's worth 75 gold to keep it or if I can sell it for whatever and put Netherweave Bolts in that slot. It's classic example of opportunity cost.

Unfortunately, there is not an endless supply of Netherweave Cloth, although I might look into the Frostweave Cloth/Bag market and see if that is profitable as well. I'm thinking that it might be due to Andorhal being a PvP server and a chunk of cloth going towards bandages - much more than on a PvE server like Kael'thas.


Jason said...

Frostweave is about 6-8 gold a stack on Andorhal sir. So I wouldn't get your hopes up. Frostweave bags go for about 80-100g on average.

Big money item right now is Frost Lotus which, last I checked, was going for over 40g a piece. Epic gems sell well to so cash in any honor you might have. 10K gets you an epic!

Daxenos said... think Daxie has any Honor! I think I've participated in a grand total of one PvP event (Wintergrasp) in all her play time.

Of course, none of my other toons have any Honor either, so there's no gems to be had from them either. Anyways, it's not my intent to transfer all of my wealth, just a big chunk.

I'll have to check on Frost Lotus; that stacks to 20, right?

Jason said...

Yeah. Flasks are a pretty lucrative market on Andorhal and Robin does pretty well for herself when we get some farming in.