Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In which my total geekiness comes out

I am a geek.

I like geek stuff - computers, technology, sci-fi, etc.

I like both Star Wars and Star Trek.

I absolutely loved Episode 1 - 3.

I like music.

I like a diverse range of music from Chopin to Dragonforce, from Kelly Clarkson to Bowling for Soup, from the Star Wars score to Acapella.

I like the way the Star Wars music has many variations on the main theme as well as how it is adapted to generate emotion for each scene.

On Dec. 12th, here in Indianapolis, our family is going to the Star Wars In Concert at the Conseco Fieldhouse.

I'm quivering with excitement...

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The Girl Downstairs. said...

I really really want to go see it, I think that it will be in Cleveland the week before it comes to there!