Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well, Jay, over at Fuzzy Soup, tracked me down last night.

Now, I've been pretty much playing by myself (not with, you sicko!), and I was really surprised by my elation at his whisper. I guess I'm not that anti-social.

Anyways, after some chit chat, we decided to level some toons together for the 19 or 29 bracket in the Battlegrounds. So, we hopped over to Andorhal and started our rogues. We got to level 6 by the end of our play time.

I've decided to level my Leatherworker over there (she's a hunter) in order to provide some armor, and my DK is running Wailing Caverns for some drops. I figured I'd get lots of cloth for leveling First Aid, some useful greens, and the Deviate Scale Belt pattern for my leatherworker.

I'm also planning on running Jay's rogue through WC, Deadmines, or SFK for the Bind on Pickup rogue gear, and I think he's planning on doing the same for me. I'm glad that we can turn off XP gains now, so we can run the heck out of these instances until we get what we want. I might even convince him to run my hunter through WC to better collect up the Deviate Scales (hint hint).

I'm not sure if we are going to be able to get the Best in Slot head gear (Stranglethorn fishing contest hat), so I'm thinking that I'll pick up Mining for the extra Stamina and Engineering for the sweet goggles. Of course, Skinning would also be nice for the extra Crit....and Herbalism for the free heals and extra healing from pots.

It looks like once we turn off XP gains, we'll be competing solely with others who have turned off XP, ie twinks, so we need to get geared up pretty good before we start runnin' with the big boys. It looks like a lot of work, but in the end, I'm thinkin' it's gonna be a blast!


Jason said...

Should be good times! Looking forward to it. On the plus side ( for me at least) is that I have the leather heirloom shoulders and chest. I'm not going to wear them while we're leveling but they should be on par once we're done leveling with equivalent dungeon blues of the same level. I should do some reading on what we should be running ourselves through for gear.. /runs off

Daxenos said...

Already gone there. I'll email you the list and see if it matches up with what you find.