Friday, October 16, 2009

Rogue Thoughts

Currently, Jay and I are leveling our rogues in the Blood Elf starting areas; last night we completed Eversong Forest and moved on to Ghostlands.

During our time together, we built campfires under water (building fires levels your Cooking until skill point 80 or so), we fished our way to the 100 fish achievement, and we killed a whole lotta bad guys!

We have sort of settled on a method for taking down the single (and some multiple) target pulls. Jay usually pulls with a Throw while I move toward the mob's path. After the mob passes me, I've already turned around and positioned myself for a Backstab; Jay, on the other hand, has started toward the mob in order to engage it in melee.

If we time it right, I get off a Backstab and aggro the mob, then Jay can get off a Backstab. It usually varies who tanks from there, but it really doesn't matter as the mob doesn't last much longer. We almost never have to stop between pulls for healing due to our 1337 dps.

Most of the time, I try to Backstab the mob as it nears Jay, but unfortunately, there are times when I jump the gun and have stopped the mob well before it reaches Jay. Our little strategy doesn't work as well when I do that....

One thing that will help out here soon is getting Feint so we can actually trade aggro at certain times. Between Gouge, Evasion, and trading aggro, we should be able to take down some much higher level or elite mobs with some good coordination. We'd probably need to get the WoW chat or some Vent going for that.

Pretty soon (we're currently level 13), I'm looking forward to hittin' the Battlegrounds. As a team, I'm thinking that we can do a lot more disrupting and just plain killing than we could separately. I also think we'll have a much higher survival rate as our enemies hopefully won't be expecting a second rogue. Two Saps, oh yeah!

I'll have to see where we're at, but I'm thinking that the Tranquillien Exalted rep cloak might be a good substitute for the Sentry cloak. The rep isn't that hard to grind, especially since we can turn off XP and continue questing. There are also two repeatable quests that can be completed with items that can be bought off the Auction House or collected by other toons.

So, Jay lucked out the other day, and I lucked out last night as the poison vendor in Tranquillien had the twink throwing knives in stock. +2 agi is nothing to sneer at! Now we just have to hit level 14 to equip them.

Sarah Palin has a new book coming out, Going Rogue; I'm wondering if reading that would help me out....

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