Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things are heating up

..both in RL and in game!

Hopefully, I'll have pictures tomorrow or later tonight....of my new patio! WoooT! It really looks good! The contractor says that it'll lighten up a bit with sun exposure. Now we just have to buy some patio furniture. Hey! I'm like the federal gubment, providin' stimulus's! I'm a hero!

(For the record, I highly disagree with the government taking money from citizens in order to give to other citizens for any reason not directly in line with the specific authorizations spelled out in the U.S. constitution.)

It's looking like Denali is house broken! Yay! We aren't quite ready to let her have the run of the house as in, we have to keep an eye on her, but she has been faithfully going to a door and scratching/whining/jumping when she feels the need to "go".

We felt the need to give our oldest son a deadline to move out. It's unfortunate that he has been unwilling to follow the simple rules of the house in order to remain, but he cannot or will not adhere to what we have stipulated (which is not very much at all), so he has until Aug 31st to find other accommodations. I don't think that he thinks we are serious, but now that the genie has been let out of the bottle, we would lose all credibility if we tried to put it back in, and I hope that he will take action soon to prepare for his exit.

At work, the new MRI is here! I went to Cary, NC for a month to learn about it, and it's good to see it finally being installed. I think it's supposed to be up by next week so that it can be shimmed (the magnetic field needs to be homogeneous); in order to make this happen, the magnet will be ramped up to field, checked for homogeniuity, ramped down, and have metal added in various quantities at precise locations to even out the field.

And then, the whole process is repeated until the field comes into specs. It can take a while to do as the magnet needs to stablize for 2 hours after ramping up.

Oh, yeah, I've played WoW lately too. Vanco is up to 65, trained both profs up to the Grand Master level, and is halfway through the quests in Zangarmarsh. I ran out of rested xp just before I hit sad.

I also decided to make some glyphs for him; Glyph of Death Grip totally ROCKS!! I love the fact that I don't have to wait for a cooldown in order to yank my next victim! Sweetness!

And, I still haven't found a B&B on Kauai for Sept, so I'm still looking for that...


Jason said...

Dude...where are you!? Have you abandoned the Horde? Ahh yes, it will be exactly one month before we are in your neck of the woods in a few days! OMG!

Robin said...

Yea, like we miss you! And I have no one to make bags for!! Come back!