Monday, July 6, 2009

Random Thoughts

I've been leveling my Alliance DK lately. I am so OP'd!

At lvl 63, I took on the Overlord with a lvl 62 druid and beat him down! I remember "back in the day" that it took a well geared tank to do that. Shoot, even lvl 70's couldn't solo him! Now, I'm sure it's a combo of my OP'dness and the great nerf of whatever patch, but still....

I've almost completed all of Hellfire Penninsula, and it's nowhere near as hard as on my other toons. Now, I did start questing at lvl 60, because I did a couple of levels of Midsummer Festival stuff, but still, it seemed much easier.

The price of Netherweave bags is outrageous! And I love it! I buy full stacks of Netherweave cloth for anywhere less than 6 gold, make a bag, and sell it for 9 - 10 gold. It's a nice racket.

So, all weekend, the price of Netherweave cloth hovered above 5 gold; when I looked this morning, there was at least one screen's worth (25 auctions?) of the same listed for 4 gold buyout. I bought up 19 stacks to make into bags and will buy up more this afternoon if it's still there. I like shooting fish in a barrel!

I ran two Heroics on DV. The first one (where I played a hunter in a Heroic for the first time in many months....what, is that some sort of excuse???), I lost the top DPS slot to a DK by 400 damage.


Sheesh. So we had the same group for the next one. I made sure that I smoked him that time. You could say I remembered how to play.....

Ishvi healed both of those runs, and nobody died except the DK that DPS'd below Teurion (served him right!). Ishvi is awesome!!

The other day, I healed H. Nexus on Daxie with Teurion tanking. I had huge lag spikes, Teurion forgot to equip some tanking gear (leaving him critable), and we didn't have any deaths. We are awesomesauce!!

Anybody know a good B&B on the island of Kauia that's on the beach and reasonably priced for Sept 16-19; we're lookin'.....

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