Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Business

So, I'm sticking my nose into the Glyph business just to see how the market is and if there's room for another Inscriptionist.

My first impression is that there seems to be just one major player in the market. Of course, that's just one snapshot, so I'll need more information to make a better assessment.

I do have quite a bit of information on the market prices of the various glyphs, so I made a list of the more lucrative ones and created one of each. I also wrote down all of the glyphs, the ink used to make them, and the price that I listed it at. Yeah, a booking.

I made around 200 gold over night. Not bad, eh? My plan is to list just one of each of the profitable glyphs in hopes that I won't tank the market or attract the attention of the major player. Of course, I've targeted the glyphs above 10 gold, and the mats are pretty cheap (I think), so I could undercut pretty far before it becomes unprofitable. I'm already regretting selling all of the herbs I gathered on Vanco as he's been leveling Herbalism.

I could also look at the middle glyph market (from 3-10 gold) and see what the competition is like in that arena. Daxe is still working on Northrend Research, so I'm sure the glyphs I'm discovering will also have some marketablility.

My other business of selling Netherweave bags nets me anywhere from 30-80+ gold/day depending on how many times I have to post bags (4 at a time, no more) and the current market price.

And I need to grab a bunch of Borean Leather to convert to Heavy Borean Leather as I've sold all of my stacks. This activity is profitable; it's just not a quick profit. As per Greedy Goblin, I need to look at the Ruined Leather Scraps -> Light Leather and the Knothide Leather -> Heavy Knothide Leather conversions as well.

So, why the sudden interest in gold making? Well, Daxie got this Bronze Dragon from the timed Culling of Stratholme and can't use it until she gets epic flying. I know, I know, 3.2 is going to lower the cost (and I may wait), but I'd like to have the money to burn and not have it affect my liquidity. Yeah, that's it, I don't wanna be poor.

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