Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Open Letter to Amava

(yeah, I sent this to him too! haha)

Hey Amava,
It has come to our attention here at Musings of a Nutjob, that yesterday was the two month anniversary of your last post. This situation has produced, among other things, some anxiety on our part as to your well being.

No, not that kind of anxiety, we're just worried that we will no longer be able to live vicariously through your exploits in Conquest (aka, the Dream Team). You already know our unique demands for entertainment need to be addressed in witty, multiple format, Amava written material and the absence of the aforementioned sustenance has had some serious affects on not only this person, but also the country as a whole.

Consider: How was the economy when you were posting? And how is it now? That's right, when you slowed down your posting, the economy tanked. Coincidence? I think not!

Consider: How close was Iran to having nuclear weapons when you were still posting? And how much closer are they now that you have stopped posting? I'm going to assign this blame to Obama, Congress,

Consider: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was 18th in the points as of your last post; he now resides in 22nd and is falling farther behind. I'm no Jr. fan, but even I can see his lack of performance bound to the dearth of posting at Amava Knows Aggro.

I don't have time to go into other events that have precipitated from the emptiness that has been your blog, but I will just mention a few: Racial profiling, Adam losing American Idol, the death of Michael Jackson, and my dog crappin' on my carpet.

I'm planning on making this an open letter on my blog because I think it's just too dang funny to waste on only one person. I'm hoping that you feel the same and stop being so dang stingy with your thoughts!

Rusty out!

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