Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Looking back

For those of you who have been reading for a while, I'm sure that it comes as no surprise that when I get busy at work, I tend to let the blog go. Hence, my lack of posting last week.

This week, since I had surgery yesterday and WoW is down for maintenance, I have plenty of time for posting. Yay!

Only, what I really wanted to post about and compile, was a list of Heroic drops for Death Knight tanks, but along with WoW, the Armory is down. Boo!

So, I thought I'd really research the Frost tree as it applies to tanking. But again....the talent calculators are down. Double Boo!!

So, I took Denali for a walk.

Currently, we are working on Sit and Stay. Last week, we put her into a Sit/Stay and walked circles around her while keeping her in that position. This week, we are expanding that to putting her into a Sit/Stay position and doing some sort of activity like cooking, getting ready, making the bed, you get the idea.

Well, so far, she's had limited success, but then again, we're just starting this training, so it's to be expected. Right now, she needs the leash on her to be prompted into the Sit position, but hopefully soon, we'll be able to just command her to sit, and she will.

This coming Thursday, we'll learn about Heel, and I can't wait to get her trained to that! From what Larry said, we will be using the command Heel to call her.

After that, we'll learn the command Heal, and she'll be able to run some instances on Daxie for me while I'm at work. I'm liking this having a dog thing!

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