Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maintenance, oh how I hate thee

So, our house guest tried to cut her thumb off with one of my son's knives yesterday, and today, she requires surgery to repair the tendon.

What does that mean for me? Well, I have lots of leave saved up and my wife doesn't, so I get to run her around to the surgery and stuff....in short, I get the day off! Yay!

Except, it's maintenance day....Booo! I guess I'm glad I stayed up late last night to finish off Outlands for Vanco; yes, he hit the big six eight and has made the journey to Howling Fjord.

I know the quests over in Borean Tundra like the back of my hand, but didn't really like Howling Fjord. So, I figured I'd force myself to pound out the quests from the right side of Northrend just for something different. I may end up doing both of the starting areas if I'm not quite up to the right level for Grizzly Hills or what ever is the next area after Howling Fjord.

The next item up for ole Vanco is probably dual specs so I can start playing around with a tanking spec. I know that I'd be giving up a lot of burst DPS by respecing from Blood, so I'd like to have the option to switch specs without having to go to a trainer. I can also practice tanking rotations and still have the option to switch back to Blood if killing things is taking too long.

And finally, I'll be waiting for 3.2 before buying any flying mounts. It's useless for Vanco and all of my other toons that are below 77, so I might as well wait.

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