Monday, July 20, 2009

Tanking, I does it

Yeah, and not the one-two shot tanking that I've done as a priest, either!

I have now tanked UK and Nexus twice on my little DK. I can confidently say that I'm getting better.

I just finished the Nexus for the second time. We did not have a wipe, only two players died (one of them was not my fault - he went AFK), and we completed the instance in under an hour. Not bad if I do say so myself!

I also have yet to read any suggested tanking rotations...oops! BUT, here's what I've come up with:

Drop a Death and Decay where you want to tank the pull.
Yank a caster to the D&D, or another mob if no ranged mobs.
Icy Touch and Plague Strike him and hit Pestilence.
Smack Blood Boil.

After that, I pretty much just switch targets and hit which ever cool downs are up on my different strikes. If it's a 4 mob pull, I'll try to wait for D&D to come up again to throw it down. I just found the talent that takes time off the cooldown - I might respec to grab it before I tank again.

Vanco is 72 now, and I did decide to head to Borean Tundra after I dinged 69 in Howling Fjord. I'm almost through with the area and will be headed back to Howling Fjord to try and complete all the quests there before moving on to Dragonblight.

I'm also looking forward to tanking AN as it has the first real tanking drop in it of the beginning Northrend instances.

In other news, Daxe, Daxie, and Rysteranch have all been doing at least one daily. Daxie, the JC daily; and Daxe and Rysteranch the two fishing dailies. Don't ask me why the fishing dailies, 'cause I have no idea, but they've been gettin' me a little xp, a little money, and an occasional rare item. That and they're easy! (I've fished in Wintergrasp 4 times now!!!).

And finally, my oral surgery went well today. The dentist cut open my gum, drilled into my jawbone, cleaned out the infection, and capped two of my tooth's roots. Now I get to eat ICE CREAM!!!!! WOOOOOOOT!!!

Oh, and have today and tomorrow off! Woot!

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