Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back Home(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Yeppers, I got back home on Friday night and took some time off from the blog, work, and thinking. Ok, I didn't totally give up thinking....

It is very nice to be sleeping next to my wife again and being able to steal looks at her over dinner or lunch. The hugging and smooching is nothing to sneeze at either! I mean, no, I didn't sneeze while smooching my wife...that's gross!

My little girl, Denali, is quite a bit bigger - around 6 pounds now. She's got a wild streak in her, and we're having a lot of issues with nipping and biting, ftl...which is totally at odds with her absolutely adorable look. We joke about her being Demon Dog...lol.

While I was away, it seems that my youngest son was up to no good....GROWING! He has shot up about an inch or so in the last month and is nearly as tall as I am. He towers over his older brother now...which is pretty funny.

And finally, I am taking a new/old approach to playing WoW: What's the rush?

The premise behind "What's the rush?" kind of playing WoW is that I already know what's at the end of leveling and maxing professions, so why am I in such a hurry to get there? I know it's a mental game to help me temper the temptation for overdoing it, but it's MY mental game!

So, when I find myself plotting/planning for stuff in WoW, I'll only let it get so far before asking, "What's the rush?" I also use it when I'm tempted to put off RL stuff in order to do something in game. I really need to balance out WoW to put it in its proper place - last place! I can play, but I need to prioritize a lot of other things before it, which I have had a very difficult time doing in the past.

And lastly, I've stopped the weight ticker, but I'll continue the mileage count by month. I fell far short of my goal, but I'm ok with that. I really should have had a more realistic goal; maybe I'll hit 500 miles for the summer!

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