Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WoW Ketchup


It's been a week since I started playing Warcrack, so I figured I'd post an update of sorts.

I've been playing my Horde toons exclusively over on Suramar. I've been trying to take it easy and have mostly succeeded (RL has helped in keeping me on the run).

Since Oldmandax and Daxenos (both hunters) are in their teens, I figured I'd update their armor with some leatherworking recipes. Rysteranch got the call to go take on Wailing Caverns for some Deviate/Perfect Deviate scales as well as Light and Medium leather.

One big plus to the take it easy approach is feeling free to mess around in low level areas gathering stuff and not worrying about the leveling that I'm missing. So, I've always liked to have updated armor and weapons for my leveling toons, and now I don't feel like I'm missing out by taking time to gather up the stuff for it.

In that same vein, Sunday, I took Daxen out mining Copper for Oldmandax so he could get his Engineering up to a respectable level. Now, she did get a bit of XP and an acheivement for exploring Mulgore in the process.

So, since I have three up and coming hunters (Daxen - 36, Daxenos - 17, and Oldmandax - 16), I've also decided to farm up the Tough Scorpid armor for all of them. I've got the totals at home, but I'll need some where in the area of 2-3 hundred scorpid scales; the flip side is that I'll probably get the leather I need in the process of gathering up the scales.

As an aside, the AH on Suramar is totally devoid of scorpid scales and the Tough Scorpid armor pieces, so I may just try out the money making end of this niche after I've made my three sets. Of course, by then I might just be sick of killing scorpids and move on to something else.

And speaking of the Tough Scorpid armor, I am so glad that Blizzard changed some of the lower level crafted armor to be more viable to certain classes. I love the fact that the Tough Scorpid armor now has Stamina instead of Spirit; that's the kind of common sense thinking that players have been begging for from developers for years. I'll have to look, but I think they took the Spirit off of the low level plate too; wonders never cease!

I've been playing Daxenos lately; it's fun just knocking around the Barrens. I dueled a lvl 20 druid at 16 and almost beat him. Then another level 16 hunter asked me to duel him, and I beat him twice. The first time, he made the mistake of siccing his pet on my pet, while I put PuddyTat on him. After I pointed this out, the second time he put his pet (a spider) on me, which made it a closer duel, but I still came out on top.

With the dueling, I'm starting to think more about getting into some PvP. I'm not too shabby at Warsong Gulch (see here), and it would also provide some adrenaline rushes as well as some nice gear. Also, Rysteranch has over 1800 kills (I think...definitely over 1000), and it would be cool to add to his total....stinking Alliance scum! Oh, and he's over half way to lvl 69....hmmmm.....


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