Monday, June 15, 2009

I did what???

So, Jay and Robin over at Fuzzy Soup enticed me to roll a Hordie over on Andorhal. It's a PvP server.




Well, since I've been thinking about it and thrust Daxen into the lvl 3X WSG, I figured I might as well try out a PvP server again. A lot of things have changed since I rolled my first toon on Spinebreaker.

So far, Daxen the PvPer (as opposed to Daxen the PvEer on Suramar....yeah, I know, she's PvPing too, but work with me here, people!) has made it up to level 12, picked up Skinning/Leatherworking, and is sitting at the Crossroads.

I've also resisted rolling another toon on this server, but I may break down and roll a priest. Can'


Jason said...

Can't wait for the gankfest to ensue once we get out of the Barrens! It's going to be a massacre!

Daxenos said...

Anonymous said...

LOL I will healz you doods.