Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rediscovering the little things

So, by not worrying about leveling, I've rediscovered some of the joys and benefits of leatherworking.

While my two little hunters required a number of items that provided small upgrades, Daxen's gear was just atrocious! I guess I've been just taking what quest rewards I could get and not worrying about it. Now, that's not really a mistake(especially if leveling isn't your goal), but still, since I'm going to have the extra leather anyways, I figured I'd craft some pretty good upgrades for her.

I've had Rysteranch out in Tanaris collecting Scorpid scales, so it was pretty easy to skin enough Heavy and Thick Leather to make some nicer gear. I've gathered up 30 scales so far and have 198 more to go to complete three full Tough Scorpid mail sets for my three lowby hunters.

A hundred....and Ninety Eight. I reckon I'll be spending a lot more time down in Tanaris. Of course I could break up the monotony a bit since Daxen is the only one that is even close to 40.

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