Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Resistance is....futile

Yeah, I rolled a BE priest named Daxea over on Andorhal. She's up to level 6 and picked up Tailoring/Enchanting as her profs.

Since Jay flipped me 50 gold, (thanks again, bud!), I'm not hurtin' to level Daxen's Leatherworking or either of Daxea's professions, but I still haven't leveled them very much. What's stopping me? Well, time, for one. I haven't had time to really play over the weekend or yesterday.

Another issue I have with leveling each of these specific professions is the "free" skill points that I get from:

Tailoring: making linen bolts
Enchanting: DEing items
Leatherworking: making Light Leather from Ruined Leather Scraps

Now, the debate I find myself getting into is this:

Self: I can't make any useful armor or enchant anything until I get all the free skill points.

Me: Balderdash! You need some better armor, besides (in a snide voice) you aren't worried about leveling. What's the rush?

Self: Hey, I'm just trying to be efficient with my resources; some of those later skill points can be a bear to get. I need to get all the easy ones that I can.

Me: But time's not an issue, remember? You're not in a huge hurry to get to end game.

Self: Well, I don't really like grinding unless it's on the dance floor....

Me: You're gross.

Self: You're an idiot.

Me: Shut the hell up.

Self: Make me

....and then the fight starts....


Jason said...

Whenever one of you decides who is in control, hurry up and level so I can play my Warrior!

Daxenos said...

Oh, Daxen is ready to go. I just haven't had a block of time to play her recently.

I'm thinking that I should be able to get on tomorrow night for a good chunk of time, so how about then?

I may make it on tonight around 9ish but don't hold me to it.

And, as everybody knows, I have to get to bed by 10....