Friday, June 12, 2009

Who says the Horde always wins BG's?

Cause that certainly wasn't the case last night. I think I was involved in one winning Warsong Gulch attempt in 5 or 6 (maybe 7 - I wasn't counting).

Maybe it's me....

Anyways, yes, Daxen got her first taste of Alliance blood. She dinged several achievements including Know thy enemy, Perfect WSG (my only win), and WSG Win. I also did better than most of my team mates in the areas of Honorable kills, Killing blows, and Damage done. I didn't top the columns in any of my battles, although I tied for first a time or two in one or two columns.

My worst battle was the one where I tied a person for most Honorable kills.....for the entire battle....with a grand total......of one. ONE Honorable kill for the entire team. Yeah, we got owned.

The best skirmish was the Perfect one, of course. I hooked up with a shammy in the Alliance base (just outside of the tunnel on the path that tees off to the roof). I'm not sure how many kills we got but I do know neither of us died, and eventually, we had to go in search of new victims. I love getting

Now a question: I could not for the life (pun intended) of me kill a warlock. I focused both myself and PuddyTat on him, but he just kept draining life on me. It didn't seem to matter that I had Viper Sting on him, and I also couldn't get out of that spell's range without getting out of range myself (I need to re-talent to include that extra 6 yards).

Oh, yeah, the question....How am I supposed to kill a level 39 'lock? I have Scatter Shot, so I can interrupt one drain life every 6 or so seconds. I suppose I could Disengage as soon as he casts the spell to make him waste the mana. Does Feign Death break channeled spells? I could do that.

OK, next question: Is one particular BG Tier more brutal than others? e.g. 19 is tougher than 29? Daxen was 37 last night in most of her WSG's and 38 for the last one, and I'm wondering if the 39 BG's are a target tier for twinks. Of course I know 19 is, and I'm not sure if I'll be participating in them with Daxenos and Oldmandax.

Also, from my experience with Dwarfvader, I think 59 is a somewhat neglected BG because everyone wants to push on (I may be mistaken now that 80 is the cap instead of 70 when I did DV's PvP) to the level cap.

And finally, Rysteranch the Troll spent a long time at 49 collecting all his Honor and WSG tokens (It's been over two years!), and I can say that that BG was pretty cool, but then again, I had semi twinked him out.

Anyways, I'd really like some feedback on you's guys' experiences in the BG's at the lower levels. Of course, eventually, I'd like to know about level 80 PvP as well.

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Jason said...

I'll give you the skinny!

Sadly, the 39 bracket is the most heavily twinked. Why? Because gear is more readily available and abilities have started to pick up in power by that time. They also have access to level 35 enchants and all that nonsense.

Now onto your spec. Alright. Respec for one. Take all your points and devote them soley to the SV tree or MM tree.

SV Build:

MM Build:

Something like that I think would work well. Now, Viper in PVP after it got nerfed. You're better off hitting them up with Serpent Sting for the extra damage.

Against's a race. If you go MM, you gain a pretty hard hitting Aimed Shot which does 12% more damage because of Barrage. You have Concussive Shot with extended Daze time..but you also have Concussive Barrage which gives your Multi-shot a 100% 4 second Daze.

Soo, I would open up with Serpent. remember that Aimed and Multi share the GCD so you're only going to get one of them. I would save Concussive and Multi for getting away. Oh and remember to use Disengage and Deterrence if you have it! Deterrence is awesome if you're facing them and they fire off a spell :) The downside with MM is there are no interrupts...

Now, you could try this build..which is a mix of both that I think might do well.

It goes deep enough into SV to pick up Scatter Shot and +10% STA then hops over to MM and goes deep enough to pick up Aimed Shot and +10% damage from Arcane Shot. The premise being that your rotation would be something like Serpent Sting - Arcane Shot - Aimed Shot - (Scatter or Concussive Shot as needed) - Steady Shot (if you have it..?) mana intensive but high damage yields I think.