Monday, June 16, 2008

WoW....not much

I didn't get a whole lot of WoW time this weekend.

Friday was my son's BD party, but it was at a gaming place, so I was able to play a bit.

Saturday, I had to run some errands in the afternoon and went to my wife's cousin's house for dinner and socializing...with real living people! We watched the Nationwide race for a bit, FTW! I must admit that I wasn't sorry that Kyle Busch spun himself out with no one else around to blame it on.....yes, I'm that petty.

Sunday...SUNDAY(!!!!), we skipped church and went to King's Island for the day. HoooooWeeeeee!! It was a blast! I think I rode all the smooth rollercoasters and one of the jerky (wooden) ones (the Son of Beast). My favorite was the Firehawk, but the Drop Tower was a close second and reinforced the notion that I want to try out skydiving.

Unfortunately for me, none of my family likes to ride these kind of rides, so my son's girlfriend became my ride buddy for at least a couple of rides. But for a good chunk of time, they went to the water park, and I went on the rides. Happy Father's day, I suppose,lol.

Of the WoW that I did get in, Daxynn hit 17 and 150 engineering. So, just a few more levels, and she'll be able to bump the cap up to 225. I am really liking running around with my priest buddy, Healyfeelie, and we've done a good job of staying alive. In fact, we took down that pesky lvl 18 elite that likes to squash unsuspecting players; he was fairly easy to kill. Of course, neither of us was high enough level to have the quest to kill him yet, but it was satisfying regardless.


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Beowulfa said...

No one likes to ride the rides? How sad! My whole family is/are? roller coaster junkies, well, except for my mom, although there are a few she likes.