Thursday, June 5, 2008

I ain't complainin'!

For those of you out there that play a tank or healer, I'm wondering if you run into the same thing that I do when you want to play your DPS alt.

"Uh, can you heal(tank)?"

"Well, I'd rather bring my DPS"

"Oh. Well, we already have enough DPS and just need heals(tank) and we're G2G!"


Now, make no mistake about it, I love healing. I think I'm pretty good at it and have had a number of people reinforce that idea.

What is interesting is that over at Sidhe Devils, I'm known for my DPS/trapping skills on my hunter. I think I've healed one instance with Daxie, who is not geared as well as Daxe. It's a refreshing change from always having to be the healer. And before Turion, the Pally tank comments, yes, I actually got quite a bit of instance time on Rysteranch before switching servers.

So, how about you tanks and healers (or mad DPSers that want to bring a tank/healer), do you face the same situation? Or are tanks/healers = gold and DPSers = dime/doz?


Beowulfa said...

Well, see, I have this awesome BM hunter that's getting closer and closer to 70, and I'm real proud of her, but I have this person named Rysteranch in my guild who is THE Hunter. The BRKest of them all. Not quite sure how I can ever compete with that .....

Anonymous said... comments on how your dps is 200 points higher when you run with the Tankadin? :P

Ailtia said...

@Beowulfa - I totally agree. I think you should do MM and I will repec to some weird hybrid thing.

I will say...he does ROCK!

Deathrender said...

I'm in the same boat Dax. There is a severe lack of tanks and healers on Azjol..well good ones at least.. Or in my case, they are the wrong spec..

/w Paladin "Want to tank Her. SV"
/w Deathrender "I'm Holy.."

/w Paladin "Want to heal Reg. Bot"
/w Deathrender "I'm prot.."

/w Druid "Want to tank XXXX?"
/w Deathrender "I'm Resto.."

/w Druid "Want to heal?.."
/w Deathrender "I'm Feral.."


*throws things*


hulantheholy said...

Sod's law usually applies. If I really need to do something on my priest they need DPS/cc and ask me to bring the mage however if I really want to go somewhere on my mage then I usually end up going as the healer *sigh*

Cynra said...

Well, if you won't complain I will!

My main on my server of preference has been a Beast Mastery hunter. However, my guild was lacking competant healers and I was asked to reroll a healer. Given my experience with priests, I rolled yet another human Holy priest and went to town.

Fast forward a year or so later, when I'm guild leader on my hunter and heading up weekly runs to Karazhan. Unfortunately, there is only one other healer in the guild after we lost two paladins and I'm stuck dropping my priest's 25-man raids so that I could get her butt back to Karazhan to heal for my guild. This continues for months, as my guildies level up anything but healers, take them into Karazhan, and I'm stuck playing the priest when, dammit, my hutress is needin' the lovin'.

Drives me absolutely bonkers! Though I did find an awesome group of people who demand that I show up as my hunter and only my hunter because, well, I'm that awesome. <preens>