Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Uldaman - PWNED

Yep. Purple Poxers took on the troggs, Dark Iron Dwarves, and a couple of statues in their quest for 37.

Sadly, this run, we had our first tank death. It was my fault too. See, on one of the bosses, there is this almost constant AoE stun/silence that I thought would only last a few seconds, and by the time I figured out that I needed to move, Harisan was dead. DOH! Thankfully, Madja picked up the mobs in bear form, and I was able to keep her alive.

Other than that one blip, the whole evening was smooth sailing. I'll have to add some pics when I get home as I forgot to email them to work...8~(

We all ended the evening at 38, so I'm wondering where our next foray should be. We picked up the quest for RFD, so there's that. Also, SM:Cath has a nice mace in it for me as well as TEH HAT for the other two casters. Maybe.....we can see how many of these instances we can run through in one evening. Hmmmmm....

Start at RFD.
Hearth to UC when done for SM:Cath.
Port to Stonard, fly to Kargath and do Ulda.

It could happen....We'd all have to be on time, and ready to hit RFD right at 7 eastern. Harisan would probably be chain pulling to beat the band. We might have to skip the escort quest in RFD.

Just checked email, and the discussion has started, so I'll leave this here and see what everyone else has to say.

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