Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rysteranch's Upgrades

Rysteranch got exalted with SSO this weekend and picked up his new neck piece. He lost a bit of +hit, which dropped him down to 141.....Dang, one point shy of being hit capped. He had also lost the use of his meta gem from a previous gear switch.

So, I looked for yellow gems with +hit and found a recipe for a +hit/+agi gem. I blew the 800 gold on it plus 40 gold for the uncut gem, sent the whole mess over to Daxie, who promptly learned the recipe and cut the gem (for a skill point!). Once Rysteranch got the gem back, he subbed it in for a +16 attack power. Yeah, he lost some RAP, but he's over the hit cap. Trade offs....

Speaking of trade offs, I'm debating on whether to start picking up the blue quality cuts for Daxie or get her an epic mount. I'm leaning toward the recipes as I already have two epic fliers, and Daxie doesn't do that much flying around. Either way, it's back to SSO dailies, especially for Daxe and Daxie as they aren't exalted yet.

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dowdyism said...

If any of your toons need me to cut any blue patterns just ping me on Begbie or Kinney. I have an alt with all of the good ones.