Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday, I PuG'd Heroic Ramparts with Rysteranch. Lately, I've been wanting some badges to start working on his gear, so I've been doing the SSO dailies that give SSO supplies in hopes of getting a BoJ. Of course, running heroics (or Kara if I can find the time or group) would accomplish this faster, but I do not like to PuG. Add to this the fact that the Sidhe Devils hasn't shown much interest in Heroics (but interest is growing in the level 70 instances and it will only be a matter of time....), and you have where I'm at: Back in PuGville.

The group make up was Pally Tank, Priest Healer, Hunter DPS, Hunter DPS, Warlock DPS. Now, I've run Heroics with Turion the Pally Tank and never had to trap, but this guy wanted us to trap....ok. So the other hunter and I took turns dropping our traps on the square, which was fortunate, as her trap seemed to break early and mine would pick it up. So, the tag-team trapping was good for controlling our mob!

We had a couple of wipes, but no one started pointing fingers, and usually the guilty party spoke up. We all passed on the first go around of looting, then rolled. We did not wipe on any of the bosses (for some reason the last boss wipe was avoided when the dragon reset with us two hunters still firing at him), and we did pretty good as a group.

For most of the instance, the 'lock and I were neck and neck for top of the damage meter, but I fell behind after the first boss. But, due to the nature of the bosses and no need for CC, I was able to climb back on top by the night's end. /preen.

So, now, I'm going to try PuGing more. I know I'll get into some bad ones (like the other night in NORMAL Mech), but at the very least I'll get some practice at playing my hunter and might even score a BoJ or two as well!


Beowulfa said...

Oh so that's what you were talking 'bout last night .... I wasn't really paying attention. Grats on surpassing the warlock!

Doodle said...

If you ever need another DPS, I'd take Doozie... but I'm just not confident enough on Doodlebug yet to do much Heroics. Practice, practice, practice though. ^_^