Tuesday, June 17, 2008

RFD - Pwned

And if there was an RFE and RFF, they'd be pwned too! We started the night at level 34 and everyone dinged 36 by the last quest turn in.

The Purple Poxers put the smackdown on Razorfen Downs last night. We got a late start, so we didn't know if we could complete it in the two hour time frame. It turns out that we only needed one and a half hours.

Harisan was the big winner on the loot scene - she got the chest piece off the spider and the helm off the last boss. Of course, they're both plate.....so she has to wait 4 levels to wear them...lol.

Madja got a nice pair of gloves off the escort boss as well as a very nice pair of shoulders off Glutton.

Salindar got a belt off the skelly boss; I picked up a green ring that was better than what I had; and Waradwene got squat. Gratz WARA!!!!

It was a nice change of pace to do RFD instead of running through SM again. We were a bit too little for the Cathedral, and the Armory held little loot that we wanted. OK, well, I'm sure Harisan would like the Scarlet Leggings, but they drop in the Cathedral also...lol.

The third pull in, I officially declared us overpowered for the instance, as Harisan went after the archer w/ the 4 pigs and the 4 pull that was next, joined the fight!

"We got adds!", I noted over vent and went about the business of keeping Harisan alive. It turned out to be a bit hairy, but we pulled through without too much trouble.

And, speaking of trouble, from a healing perspective, there were two, maybe three times that we skirted close to danger.

Time the first: The skelly boss. There are a WHOLE LOTTA SKELLIES that are bangin' on the tank and I pretty much had to chain spam Heal. But with Consecrate going and some AoE, the skellies went down and so did the boss.

Time the 2nd: The last boss. The longer the fight goes, the more spirits that are spawned. Couple that with having to constantly dispel some sort of freezing spell that kept rooting Harisan in place, and I was kept hoppin' for the fight.

3rd time: The escort boss. This is just a long fight with wave after wave of mobs. We did a great job of killing at least the two elites in each wave, but near the end, I was OOM and had to tell people to use pots. In the end, we were successful, and Madja did not have to supplement healing.

The experiment is starting to show some interesting results in my gameplay. I already have over +100 healing, which I don't know how it compares to others my level. What I do know is that I'm pretty sure I have significant over healing with my style of healing. I will definitely look at the Recount data to see how I did, but I'm thinking that I might want to replace some of that +heals for +int.

I consistently crit'd for over 1200 health and had at least one crit over 1300, so I'm pretty sure that I'm getting huge heals for my level. It will be interesting to play around with some different gear to see how things turn out.

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Dechion said...

Running all the low level stuff seems like it would be a blast. I am still trying to find enough victims to try a level 10 ten man deadmines raid.

On a side note, a song idea for ya, since I can't find a contact spot. "one piece at a time" by johnny cash referring to the gear we gather. (excelent job on the puggin Kara blues btw)