Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sir Mix a Little

I don't know, just roll with it - I'm running out of titles for putting a bunch of unrelated items in a single post!

Last night, I was a druid. Firstly, Helhthnofury is back! So, Feraldax got some play time in the afternoon and gained a level. Then, after dinner, Rof was on, so Flowerdax came out and ran around Darkshore with him. She ended up dinging 20, so the next levels in herbalism and alchemy got trained.

Oh, yeah....I'm a kitty!! I forgot to take a screenie, so I'll put that on the todo list and hopefully will remember to take a shot.

In other news, I am making progress on getting legit with my songs. I contacted Bug Music, who is the publisher of two of the songs and have emailed them the lyrics for my versions - adaptations. It turns out that parodies have an easier time of being granted mechanical licenses than covers, or so it seems. Now, I just have to wait for the Cash estate to approve my lyrics, and I'll be able to get a mechanical license to distribute my songs! Woot!

The downside to being legal is the cost. For every copy of the song that I distribute (sell or give away), I have to pay $.091. While that's not bad for 10 or even 100 copies, it is money out of my pocket and if the number gets much higher than 3-4 hundred, I'll be feeling the pinch.

So, I'll ask you, my 6 faithful readers, for your input. Should I post a donate button on the blog and rely on the goodness of strangers to (hopefully) fund my little projects or should I set up some sort of e-commerce deal where I charge for each download? To tell you the truth, I'm leaning towards the latter as it would guarantee that I can pay the royalties.

I'm not just thinking about the current songs that I've recorded, but to the future. I don't want to set up some system now, only to change it down the road because it didn't work out. I think I'll help you guys help me by posting a poll...if I can figure out how to do that...lol.


Beowulfa said...

So I'm thinking you charge a dollar, like itunes. And if anyone complains about having to pay a dollar, well, I have no words.

Fauxpas said...
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Fauxpas said...

I'm with Wulfa on this. I also think that 91 cents per song is an awful lot of money.

Daxenos said...

Actually, that's 9.1 cents per song, which is ok if it's one or ten songs...but when the copies start to get to 100 or 1000, then the impact is more acute.

Also, I think I have to put up a deposit on the number of copies I think I'll sell. That number may be 100 or 1000, depending on the publisher, which equates to $9.10 - $91.00 up front costs.

Todd said...


Morely said...

I'll pay a dollar each for your tunes, based on having heard Pugging Kara. Where do I Paypal the money, and where do I download the tunes? And no, I will not EVER use iTunes to download anything.

Daxenos said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Morely. I'm still waiting to hear back from the Cash Estate on my lyric adaptations, but as soon as I do (and figure out some sort of ecommerce thing), I'll be posting it for download.