Monday, June 9, 2008

Rising expectations

Well, it seems my readership is up and with it comes the pressure to put out higher quality posts. My last post was an attempt to scar those new readers before they had a chance to run. I'm fairly certain that I got at least Lil' Goodroot and Jamaal, but Bert and Ernie seem to be unfazed. /shrug.

Over the weekend, I mostly played Dwarfvader, although Flowerdax came out long enough to ding 19 (Sorry about having to bail on ya Rof!). Ole DV is up to 44 as of this morning.

I wanted to do all the new Dustwallow Marsh quests at the appropriate level - mission accomplished. It was irritating, as a hunter, trying to do the totem quest. It turned out that I had to have aggro for the killing blow in order for the quest to update; have I mentioned how much I dislike meleeing as a hunter? Bah! So I suffered through that one, but the rest of them were pretty cool. At least it was new content in a neglected zone. HOWEVER (and that's a big however cause of the caps and all) the quest rewards did not include any hunter loot! None! Zippo! Zilch! Nada! You'd think that with the big armor change for hunters at 40, that some nice agi mail would show up, but you'd be wrong! Ok, well, I was wrong. T_T

And, because of doing all those quests and the decreased XP required per level, I was able to skip Stranglethorn Vale. In its entirety! Now, I don't have the hate for the zone that some people do, but I do remember spending a loooooooooooooooooooooong time in the zone with lots of frustrations. So, I was happy to level up to 43 without completing a single quest in the zone; I did grab the two flight points, though.

And, lastly, my Puggin' Kara song was on the WoW Insider podcast from a week ago, two more podcasters have asked permission to use it, and Curt Shilling mentioned it on The Instance podcast......whoa, I suppose I really need to check into that copyright thing.

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Cynra said...

The problem with bringing shamans over to the Alliance was that a lot of the newer content meant that we ended up sharing quest reward slots with shamans and seeing mail healing gear and mail caster gear always makes me want to claw my eyes out.

In a good way.

If that's possible.

I actually like the new quest hub and took advantage of it while leveling my draenei warrior. It was a refreshing alternative to the intellectual bog that is Stranglethorn Vale. I'm dreading questing there on my newly rolled troll mageling, since she's on a PvP server (and my first since rolling on Feathermoon three years ago!).