Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SM Cathedral - Pwned

That's right, double Poxing this week!! My RL commitment fell through, so I floated the idea of running last night. We were able to coordinate our schedules, and around 8 pm, we set off for the Cathedral. We were all level 36.

The first couple of pulls are onesie twosies, and then Harisan went out into the courtyard to grab a guy...and got a bunch! I'm not sure how many we were fighting at one time, but each of us got to work on our defense while Harisan's taunt cooled At the end, we were still standing and there were 9 bodies littering the ground.

After that, we settled into a pull/kill routine and cleared the right half of the instance. We proceeded to clear the Cathedral by pulling about half of the groups outside and beating the snot out of them.

We killed the advisor, checked for respawns and engaged Morgraim, or whatever his name is. Well, some how, we missed a Wizard, so that made things a bit more interesting, but all in all, both of the bosses went down. Whitemane dropped...TEH HAT!!! All of us clothies drooled over it, rolled need, and cheered, as Daxe won!!! They were all so happy for me!! Ok, well, maybe they weren't that happy, but I sure was! Oh, and Harisan got a very nice shield.

The whole instance took us about an hour, so here we are at 9:15 sitting around, twiddling our thumbs, when someone suggested that we run the Library for Doan.

"Start the timer", said Madja. 1/2 hour later, Wara was holding a shiney new staff, and I was holding a shiney new shard.

The question came up during the run as to why these instances are so easy for us. I've come up with several reasons, but you'll have to wait for another post. Today, I actually have to

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ASH said...

Great job!
And grats on the hat :D