Friday, April 4, 2008

Catchin' up

So, I usually don't blog when I don't work, but I guess this is an exception. I took the last couple of days off (including today) to spend time with my sons while they're on spring break.

On Wed, I was committed to spending time on WoW with my son and his Pally. We started the day at level 9 and ended it at 15. Neither one of us had a death experience, although we got into some sticky situations at times. And I must say that, once again, Blizzard did a nice job with the new content starting areas. By the time we left Eversong Woods, we were both level 12! Of course, that included a bit of rest xp, but still, for duoing the entire area, we should have been quite lower because of the decreased xp for teaming up. /shrug, Yay on us!

Wed night was also Pox night. We got a late start due to updating addons and such, but by 7:30, we were rolling through WC. We didn't have any wipes this time, most of us got phat lewtz (dang Wara, what's up with those rolls!!), and we completed the entire instance, including the escort quest. Oh, and Salindiar was the odd man out...AGAIN!!

I just realized that his is the only guy toon...hmmmmmm.

On to Thursday...that would be yesterday, right? Yeah, yesterday. I spent the late morning and all afternoon with my other son. We were on a mission to find a Wii. Unfortunately, we failed. But we did get some phat eats, saw Horton Hears a Who, and got to drive around together.

On the WoW front, I got RysteranchTR (that'd be my troll...hee hee hee) up to 56. I also got the call to go to Kara on RysteranchNE. The group had already cleared through Maiden the other night, so Opera and Curator was on the schedule. Cleared trash, blah blah blah, checked out the event and.....

It was Big Bad Wolf!!!! Woooooot! The hunter's dream.

So, we begin to learn the fight. About half of us had seen it, so the other half had yet to experience running around as LRRH. It ended up taking us three tries before we downed him. I got killed pretty early on the first two fights, once when I was LRRH and got hung up on the door - DOH! And the other when Turion couldn't get BBW back aggro-wise and he rampaged through the DPS and Healers. It wasn't Turion's fault, though, we figured out. The DPS wasn't waiting long enough for him to establish a firm grip on the boss.

The third try will go down in my "Glorious Moments in WoW." We finally had everybody on the same page for being LRRH, and people were executing it pretty well. But as BBW's health fell, he began to knock off the Raid one by one. He usually would catch them in the LRRH state near the end of the debuff. So after Turion got smacked to the Spirit Healer at 5% (or thereabouts maybe 4%?), there were three of us left. Jaquio - tank, Loot - Healer, Rysteranch - DPS. Time to burn!!

PuddyTat was also alive, so that made 4. Slowly...but......surely.....we started seeing his health drop....4%.....RUN LOOT RUN!!!!

3%....RUN JAQ RUN!!!!!

2%.....RUN JAQ RUN!!!!!



WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! I couldn't believe we took him down! I ran over to the body to peek at the drops.....and had to catch my breath! The Wolfslayer Rifle!!!

The other hunter whispered me and told me he wasn't going to roll on it cause he had the Attunmen Crossbow. Oh, my, lord!! Turion called for us to roll, Adocus said give it to me, and BLAM! I gots a new gun!

Oh, then we took out Curator...meh. He dropped the crappy healing shoulders and a Pally/Shammy/Rogue T4 token.



Kestrel said...

W00t! Grats on the new gun, Dax! Breana, over at GLDC, got hers this week too. Maybe the drop rate was raised?? /prays

Pablo said...

Grats on the gun! I have seen any of the Kara shooters drop yet, but then I've only run it twice so far!