Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I blame Ess

So, yesterday, I gave into temptation and rolled a Dwarf Hunter on Kael'thas. I named him Daxenos, saw that Mr. & Mrs. BBB were on, and whispered the Big Bear. He was somewhat leery of allowing a nutjob into his family friendly guild, but my winning, no make that whining, personality won him over...that and the Mutton Chops.

Of course, Ess was playing so I totally blamed her in guild chat for tempting me. /sigh, I'm such a weak individual...haha.

In other news, Daxie healed her first Heroic last night (Mech) and got her Boots of the Pious! I got 3 BoJ's (we only tried the fire chick once). Also, she healed Shattered Halls - normal, yesterday afternoon and picked up a nice cloak and some nice gloves.

And, tonight is Pox Night! WOOOOT! We're going to Blackfathom Deeps; we are all lvl 23, so it should be interesting.

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