Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Last night I left Deaths Advocate. I had come to the realization that I wasn't a good fit for the guild. Yes, playwise, I fit in very well, but I had changed into a person that I didn't like in order to fit in with the other personalities. In short, I had become rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. I had participated and initiated R rated conversations and had even started using some quasi-foul language. That is not the person that I want to be.

I guess I found people I could raid with, but ended up not liking to spend time with. There were a couple of people in the guild that I really liked, but for the most part, I really wouldn't have chosen to hang out with the rest of the guild if it weren't for raids. I really should have thought more about that part of being a guild member before jumping ship.

So, now, Turion, the Pally tank, wants me to return to The Iron Ring, but I can't do that until I make amends with Myk and Kat for the way I left and subsequent behavior. I really have been like a bull in a china shop in regards to just making a mess out of my online relationships. GG Dax!

This also brings to light the same thing is going on with my Horde guild, Kruel. I have changed who I am to fit in and be accepted by them, and I really need to either voice my concerns about R rated convos in Vent/Gchat (some of which I've encouraged and participated in) or leave the guild.

I really hate the part of my character that so easily tosses aside my principles in order to be accepted by my "new found friends". /sigh. For some reason I have no problem with not caring about what people think of me IRL, but online, I want to be seen as cool, witty, and funny. And that desire usually takes me into places that I should not and do not want to go.

And so, I'm changing the name of the blog to musingsofawowFLAKE. lol.


Ess said...

Sounds like this was a good move for you. With Kruel, I'll bet it will be easier to change guilds than to induce a big change in the guild's tone if the R rated stuff is what the other members like. There are certainly more mature guilds out there, so I hope you can find a better fit (be it your old guild or something new).

Interesting to think how we all roleplay in this game, too, whether we're incorporating the lore or not. Put on a new face, meet new people, and be who we want to be. Or in some cases, realize who we don't want to be. I've definitely found this as well.

Aboo said...

You'd be surprised how much a simple request can tone down the language in guild chat and vent.

When my guild raids we specifically ask if any members are on speakers with family present or want "the filter" for any other reason. If so, those who curse in Vent pay the requestor's repair bill.

Daxenos said...

I will definitely try the request with Kruel, as I'm new and won't feel bad about parting ways if things don't work out - just a bad fit.

As far as DA goes, there were other issues that I didn't go into that encouraged me to leave.