Monday, March 31, 2008

Back from the dead

Yes, that's right, Rysteranch, the Troll Hunter is back from the deleted pile and tearing up Ravencrest.

After running around on Daxen, I found a guild that is just starting to get into end game content and got an invite. I really wanted to help out, but at level 22, Daxen wasn't going to be there any time soon. So I got to thinking....and submitted a ticket to undelete Rysteranch. After he made his glorious return to life (on Anvilmar), I got him his gold back and transferred him to Ravencrest.

So, Kruel has a new guildie, and he's already burned through his rest XP to level 52. Woot on him!

In other news, my son has decided to pick up WoW again, so he rolled a Pally on Ravencrest, and I started playing Daxe, my OTHER BE priest, not to be confused with the one on Anvilmar. So far we've made it to level 9, and I'm looking forward to teaming up all the way to 70! Or until he gets tired of the game

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