Monday, April 28, 2008


Ok, I took the plunge and moved my 70's over to Kael'thas. Turion, the Pally Tank, is unconvinced anything will change for me (he's a bit torqued), and maybe he's right. But, I have noticed a marked difference in my home life, so I'm hoping I can keep myself in check better on this server than on my old one.

I had to change Daxenos's name to Daxe because, although I changed my hunter's name to Dwarfvader, the name Daxenos is now locked for 90 days on Kael'thas. Doh!

I helped out BBB's priest on Ring of Blood. I brought Rysteranch and PuddyTat. Together we brought about 770 DPS, which I thought was a bit low. It was only afterwards that I noticed that I had my fishing pole equipped instead of my Sonic Spear....

DV is an engineer. He got up to 165 engineering and 203 mining. I really like the changes Blizz has made to leveling mining as from 127 to 203, all I had to do was smelt the different metals. Daxe did all the mining.

So, a fresh new start and (hopefully) a better home life. /sigh. More musings of a WoW flake.


Waradwen said...

Hahaha, so fighting with a fishing pole is a routine thing, eh? Hysterical.

Daxenos said...

Well, if there was any doubt as to whether or not I was the "real" Daxe...I reckon that spoke volumes.

The funny thing is that I haven't done much fishing as of late - I just happened to see a chance to level Rysteranch's fishing (at lvl 100) and have a shot at getting a croc non-combat pet.

Beowulfa said...

I smite thee! With my fishing pole!! Lol. It's still cracking me up. -takes a moment- okies. I hope that home life does get better. We're talking about severely curtailing how much time we spend on WOW because we're just so busy all the time .... anyways. So how's the dancing going?

Daxenos said...

Wow, somebody's up early! Dancing is going great! We went out to the Moose Lodge over the weekend (we snuck in) and had a good time dancing along with a couple we met a few months ago.

The Purple Poxers had to move their night on account of me and my dance lessons, but, thankfully, everyone could meet up on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays.