Friday, April 11, 2008

A Start

Daxen shielded her eyes from the punishing glare of the Barrens' sun; this Quillboar camp was going to be tricky. The Blood Elf hunter had just been commissioned with retrieving some stolen supplies thought to be at a nearby Quillboar encampment. While there were more than a couple of pockets of the swine version of the Murlocs, this particular area held the most promise....and the Pigmen had a nice bounty on their heads.

She was a long ways from her humble beginnings in Eversong Forest and the Ghostlands. The hunter smiled at the thought of home and her sisters. She was sure that Daxe and Smoochie would living it up at the spa or shopping for the perfect outfit for an upcoming party. They were always comparing lipsticks, painting their nails, and spending hours on their hair.

Daxen on the other hand was the Tomboy. From early on in their lives, she had taken on the role of brother, which mostly consisted of terrorizing her younger sisters with mana worms and biletoads. Even after their only brother Daxenos arrived, Daxen continued to "acquaint" her siblings with the baser things of life. It was a pity that Daxenos took more to his other sisters' leanings than to her own. Daxen sighed; why was it that so many Blood Elves were vain, vapid individuals!

Pigglet snorted restlessly at her side, anxious to be on with the business of the day, bringing Daxen back to the present. She had a job to do, and if she were to catch the attention of the Darkspear leadership, it was piss ant jobs like this that were going to pave the way.

"Mon, ju gots ta makes da name fo juself so's ju con learn ta ride da Rapta." was what the riding instructor had said. Or something like that. Once again she was thankful for her "Uncle" Rysteranch and his thick troll accent that had tuned her ears to the sing-song dialect of the Darkspears.

"That one!" whispered Daxen, as she set Pigglet into motion. The boar took off like a shot after the hapless Quillboar Waterseeker as Daxen first hit it with a poisoned arrow and targeted the wolf next to it. The pigman's pet went down with a carefully placed shot to it's vital organs, and Daxen turned her attention to the now running Waterseeker. Her next shot dazed the Quillboar, allowing her to finish it off before it could call any buddies.

Dang PigMurlocs! She spat on the corpse. After picking over the limp body, all she came up with was a few copper and 2 pieces of usable linen. Daxe or Daxenos would be thrilled at the "free" material to build their tailoring skills.

One down, 4 to go...

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Beowulfa said...

I'm so behind on my reading ... liked this story!