Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So once again, I find myself deep in thought about what I want to do in the world of WoW. The reason for my pondering lay in the fact that I would rather play my Dwarf Dax Hunter over any of my other toons (save for Daxe my BE Poxer Priest which is tonight!!!).

Wanna go to Kara...nah.

Wanna do Heroic Mech....nah.

Wanna do Shattered Halls, YOU KNOW BOTH DAXIE AND RYSTERANCH NEED THE REP!!!!!...nah....

What did I do last night? Bummed around Loch Modan killing stuff, mining, and skinning. I did finish one quest and dinged 20 - ho hum. Pigglet and PuddyTat are both 19. Worked a bit on my cooking. Collected and shipped the mats for some ammo and a Lovingly Crafted Boomstick to Windshadow AKA BBB.

Basically, I relaxed, which I am enjoying very much! No pressure of being in a group or pushing through progression. I'm also taking it easy as far as leveling - no burn! I'm having a blast being a dual gatherer (although I'd really like to take up engineering....8~P) and have amassed a bit of gold.

What's up next? Not sure. I need to start fishing and also get my mining up to at least 125 before I move on to The Wetlands, Duskwood, or Redridge, because if there's one thing I hate it's staring at an Iron node with my mining skill at 124....


Dammerung said...

I know what I want to do!

I want to level from 1-60 as a hunter and then morph my toon into a shaman or priest for healing!

I blame the mental strain of too many herb nodes with too low skill.

Rabbit Stew said...

Hey daxe, it was a hoot getting on the other day and seeing fellow poxers. Thanks for filling me in on what the gathering add on was doing. /doh.

@damm: step away from the herbs my man...step away. You are not handling the truth /grin